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5 steps to an effective Wedding Plan

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

When it comes to planning a wedding, there are 101 things on your mind you need to do. From venues to gowns and suits to the decorations. Where to begin and what to do first? These are the few steps you need to take to plan your wedding effectively.

1. Set a date, budget and number of pax.

Before you spend tons of hours going around to recce the numerous wedding venues all around Singapore, decide on a date first.

Some couples pick their own wedding date, some couples engage a Feng Shui master. Decide on how to pick your dates and best if you have an alternative date to work with as most of the time, in case the date is a “hot date”.

After Finalizing the date, set a budget per guest to work with. Afterall, planning a wedding involves tons of money and picking a venue is subjective to the charges per table/pax that is comfortable for the couple and be sure to pick within your comfortable amount.

Lastly Decide on the minimum and maximum guest you will be inviting. All venues have a minimum and maximum number of guests it can accommodate.

2. Pick a Venue

With a date, budget and amount of pax to work with, you can shortlist the venues that fits your budget, pax and is available for your date. You can follow the “Wedding banquets Price List” like this from Singaporebrides

And check with the shortlist venues for their availability. This saves you tons of time.

3. Find your Vendors

Once you have picked your venue and confirmed your wedding date, find the vendors to engage for your wedding. From Gowns and suits, Makeup Artist to photographers and videographers, be sure to engage them before they are unavailable for your wedding.

4. Prepare for the big day

Create a checklist on the things to complete before your wedding and complete each of them one by one. Some of the task includes:

  • Gown and suit fittings

  • Pre wedding

  • Sending out RSVP

  • Getting a JP

  • Wedding themes and decor

  • Wedding day itinerary

  • Contact the vendors to finalize details

  • Collecting the gowns and suits

  • Guo Da Li & An Chuang

  • Bridal bouquet & Car decorations

The list is different for every couple. Decide on what you need and do not need for the wedding.


Plan an itinerary for the wedding day, do factor in some time in case of overrun.

Plan your helpers task, seating arrangements and necessary contact details of vendors that you might need on the day of your wedding and delegate them before the day.

Have a good rest before your wedding and enjoy your special day.

Wishing all couples a blissful marriage and have fun planning your wedding day


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